My Favorite Graphic Novels for the Halloween Season

My Favorite Graphic Novels for the Halloween Season

I've been racking my brain all month for a list of my favorite graphic novels for the Halloween season. It has not been easy at all. I have a list for you now, dear reader, but I'm going to tell you that if you ask me tomorrow, this list will be totally different. It's not a list of the creepiest or goriest Halloween time graphic novels because I think for the most part I'm just not into gore and I'll save comics with deep creep factors for times other than Halloween, when I just want good, dark, stories.

Note: This list is mostly mature reader stuff so don't rush to read all of it to your 9 year old, who has been wearing his Scooby Doo outfit for 3 days straight.

1) Sandman by Neil Gaiman:

Morpheus, Lord of the dream realm has been imprisoned by humans for many years. Now he's free and he has unfinished business. Dude has some issues to work out. Personally I LOVE the first 4 volumes of this series SO MUCH but the entire series is gold. You should also know that this series CHANGED THE FACE OF COMICS 20 years ago.

Sandman tp1

2) Saga of the Swamp Thing by Alan Moore

The Swamp Thing was thought to be a man named Alec Holland. Mobster types raid his lab, in the swamps and he gets chemicals spilled on him and set on fire. He runs out into the swamp and gets all super swampy and becomes The Swamp Thing. That was more or less his origin until Alan Moore comes along and makes this one of the best horror comics written for the mass market.

Saga Sawamp tp1

3) Hellblazer by Garth Ennis

This is a series about John Constantine and his struggle to not end up in hell for all the absolutely dreadful things he's done in his life, in the pursuit of smokes, booze, skirts, magic, and more booze and smokes. He seems like the most down and out guy in the world and apparently that's the sort of guy you go to when your home is haunted or you need to trick a toilet demon or something. It ran for more than 20 years and is pretty much a fan favorite for the output of Vertigo comics over the years.

Hellblazer tp 1

4) Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

A story of the dead returning to life in a rural Midwestern town. Lacking the utter depression of the Walking Dead but capturing the interest and drama of concepts like Fargo, The 4400, and Haven, makes this book one that I love. You should run out and find it. You'd be supporting Seeley and Norton who are two of Chicago's best professional comics talents.

Revival tp 1

There's a lot of good, creepy, seasonal comics out there. Many people talk to me about Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Dial H by China Mieville as well. I didn't list any thing like Doctor Strange because I don't think my favorite eras are still in print. Also most of his adventures were trippy but still kind of Super Hero-y. I think this time of year, I get nostalgic for stuff by guys like Bernie Wrightson as opposed to stuff by many of the guys working on comics about the supernatural but in maybe a Marvel or DC Comics House Style.

Ok until next time, enjoy your reading!

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  • I'm not generally a horror comic fan, but I found the art in "40 Days of Night" stunning and certainly appropriate for the season.

    Related: The original Sandman series is from 20 years ago? Dear god, I'm old.

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