Prepare for 5 months of turmoil!

It’s June 5, 2020. This has been one of the most challenging year’s for all of us. These past three years have been three of the most challenging years for all of us, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you sit. The gap between Americans is now wider than ever. As we continue... Read more »

"The Last Dance" fun squelched by sports talk radio

During this time when Americans are looking for something positive to watch, to do, to hear, The Last Dance has provided that much needed boost of fun, taking us all back to the 1990s when the Chicago Bulls dominated the NBA.  Most of you, I believe, will say you have really enjoyed it. I know... Read more »

An ethical decision awaits us

As Americans continue to battle COVID-19 through social distancing and stay-at-home defensive measures, the curve is flattening and fewer people are acquiring the deadly virus.  But sometime in the near future,  a proactive offensive measure will become available to us when a vaccine, or several vaccines, are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... Read more »

Independent voters forced to choose a side

He is the most hated man in America by half the country. He is the most defended and appreciated man in America by the other half of the country. That wasn’t the case when Donald J. Trump became President of the United States in the election of 2016. At that time, only 24 percent of... Read more »

Evil popular on Netflix

Covid-19 is a global experience that has resulted in millions turning to the television for entertainment, discovering new programs many of us would have never found had this “Stay Home” experience not happened. Netflix is one of the most popular choices. Whereas the number two rated series Ozark is appealing to the masses to watch... Read more »

A light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel?

After a three-year hiatus, I’m back on ChicagoNow to write about various news topics, lending one writer’s thoughts for consideration. The first thought is that in my time on this planet, I have never experienced what we all are going through right now. Is it scary? Hell yes! Can anyone see the light at the... Read more »