It's curtains for creepy clown

By this point in the general election, it is readily apparent that Donald Trump can’t be trusted. We have listened to him for more than a year. We know his speaking style and spin-technique, talking in broad generalities about the best, the worst, she’s horrible, he’s horrible, I’ll make America great again, keep the Muslims... Read more »

Pass the hypocrisy please

At America’s dinner table this weekend, hypocrisy was the main course with a side of holier-than thou. For desert, grandstanding was served. As many across America express their outrage about Donald Trump’s latest video revelation, many conservative voters must have been watching last night’s debate feeling a bit numb, feeling like voters who lost their... Read more »

America, buckle up for next four weeks

During the next four weeks, Americans, this country, Chicago, will experience two major events which will most certainly become key points in history. By November 9, just four weeks from now, we will all know who will be our next President of the United States. We will also know if the Chicago Cubs, the team... Read more »

Meeting my childhood hero, Muhammad Ali

When Muhammad Ali stepped into the ring at the City Auditorium in Atlanta to face Jerry Quarry on October 26, 1970, a 13 year-old boy stood next to his father at Angie’s Tavern at 84th and Pulaski on the Southwest side of Chicago, excited to watch the fight. Big, tough men were lined up along... Read more »

Adam LaRoche acts on his faith

Sometime in the next five years, there will be a movie made about a Major League baseball player, who walked away from the game and a $13 million contract in a disagreement with an executive, then went out and tried to rescue sex slaves in Southeast Asia. If a Hollywood writer pitched that story, I... Read more »

Language of the locker room caught on camera

I was sitting in the locker room at Southwest Ice Arena a few years ago with a group of about 15 other players putting on our hockey gear as we got ready for a St. Laurence High School alumni game. A tall fellow walked in and recognized one of his former high school teammates from... Read more »

Ken Williams plays the bad guy

The Adam LaRoche story is now snowballing into a much bigger problem for the Chicago White Sox. It’s caused a great deal of anger, resentment and mistrust among some of the players with Ken Williams and management. Today, the story is a bit more clear, given that LaRoche has written a public letter, published on... Read more »

New hero in town, Adam LaRoche

Major League Baseball is built on the image of father’s taking their sons to their first game and then continuing that tradition throughout a lifetime. Add daughters to that equation now. It’s built on father’s playing catch with their kids, throwing them batting practice, showing up at their games to support them. It’s Babe Ruth... Read more »

No debate, Foxx should win State's Attorney

Election day is tomorrow and besides voting for your favorite presidential candidate, another very important office is at stake – Cook County State’s Attorney. Anita Alvarez is trying to win re-election but in light of everything that has happened over the past few years, a vote for Alvarez is a vote for continued corruption. The... Read more »

Simeon runs to win on intense Streets

On Friday evening at Bloom Township High School, Simeon and Thornton were scheduled to play in the class 4A Bloom Sectional final high school basketball game when an AAU game broke out. It turned out to be one of the most fun and exciting high school games I have ever watched with high energy, fast... Read more »