Old Chicago: A Collection of Vintage-ish Signs, Part One

The first time I saw a sign for a Golden Nugget Pancake House while visiting Chicago, I erroneously thought the sign was for a casino. If you've ever been to Las Vegas, a mere seven-hour drive from my hometown, you'd follow my logic.

Golden Nugget Pancake House in Chicago, IL:

Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, NV:

The fonts are very similar. Come on.

As a new Chicagoan, I've found the signage here to be unique. Signs are older looking -- there is something quintessentially American about them. They're not pretentious; they're proud and a little in-your-face. And I've been overly excited about them since I moved here.

Chicago signs seem so foreign to me compared to the signage I'm used to seeing in the Bay Area, which is a tech-hub known for constantly "updating" it's modern image. What I've observed is that a large city in the Midwest like Chicago is basically just going to have a lot of colloquial, American stuff. Stuff like a collection of sincere, boastful, super cheesy, over-the-top, neon, "Heart-of-America" signs. Here are some that I have captured:

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