Good Samaritan Buys Free Coffee Today at Regulus Coffee House

Today, I walked into Regulus Coffee House, a quirky, independent coffee shop in Portage Park, and ordered something new like I always do. For some reason, I find myself getting something different almost every time - I don't have a "regular" drink here yet because there is such an inventive variety, but I digress.

The deadpan, dry-humored barista handed me my mug. "On the house."


"An anonymous good Samaritan has picked up the tab today. We're going to keep a tab of everything and this good Samaritan will be paying the tab at the end of the day."

I'm ecstatic - and a few hours later, I'm still on a feel-good high. I can't imagine how great this mysterious altruist must feel for bringing joy to an entire community. The gesture is so simple but means so much: someone cares about good will, the happiness of others and this community. Regardless of who you are, someone wanted to make sure you were happy for at least one moment today.

The barista informs me that this particular good Samaritan has done this at Regulus several times before. I'm not surprised by this. I cannot speak for this person, but if it were up to me to decide why they chose Regulus as the place for their philanthropic deed, here's why I think they did it:

If you came to Regulus to get your coffee, this person is most likely elated by the fact that you've supported this small, community coffee shop. Your mysterious Samaritan is rewarding you for supporting local talent, fresh coffee, cool art, small business and good people.

Stop by Regulus today - and frequently. Speak often of the niceties of your community as a reminder to yourself and others that the good outweighs the bad. This is a great day to be a human.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, whoever you are.


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