My top 5 guilty pleasures

1. Makeup websites/tutorials. Have you ever browsed a website and one click led to another and you realized you just lost a good portion of your life? Some people find this happens on Pinterest, Reddit (guilty) or YouTube.

I can scroll through websites dedicated to makeup advice like it's my job. Makeup for days!

Face contouring. I own one bottle of drugstore foundation and I'm looking up face contouring? Am I going to invest in $100 worth of makeup to  paint my face with ten different creams so I can look fancy when I bring my kids to swim lessons? Is the paparazzi hanging out in the Target parking lot waiting for me?

Drinking coffee, clicking through a slideshow of  nude lipsticks, knowing full well I probably wear lipstick once every other month. Makes sense.

2. Portillo's chocolate milkshakes. I've had a million milkshakes, but these are the best.

I'm not sure what they put in them. Ice cream, chocolate sauce and crack? Possibly, but I don't care because they are that fantastic. You might see a large Portillo's shake, which is the size of a toddler, and think you can't possibly drink it all, but you can. Oh yes, you can.

3. 80's movies. I think I'm in good company here when I say 80's movies are like car accidents. If they're on TV, you can't look away.

As far as music goes, the 90's was my time to shine. However, the 80's have the lock on all the movies I will watch on repeat.

In that past two weeks I watched, from beginning to end, Ghostbusters, Poltergeist and Back to the Future. (Thank you, DVR.)

I mean, how can you beat a scene like this? What's going to happen to Marty? Will George come through? The suspense!

4. A Paloma. I love my sister-in-law Melissa for many reasons, but I'm pretty sure her introducing me to the paloma is number one. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

A couple of years ago she told me she was going to mix me a drink that involved Diet Squirt, lime and tequila. I said, "Uh, no thanks."

Thanks to her perseverance I did end up drinking this glorious concoction and I fell in love.

For all of you people that are all, "No way. I can't drink tequila. Maybe in a margarita, but that's it." Hear me out. The paloma is better 1-DSC_0009than a margarita. I would not lie to you, my friends.

You'll find different recipes, but a true paloma will involve grapefruit soda (or club soda with fresh grapefruit juice), tequila and a lime wedge. Here's how you do it.

1. Fill a tall glass with ice.

2. Pour in a shot of tequila.

3. Pour in the Squirt (I prefer the taste of diet. You do you.)

4. Squeeze some lime in or just toss a slice in there. (I often drink these without the lime as well.)

You're welcome.

5. Dateline NBC Murder Mysteries. Christine, what did you do on Friday? Oh, I just watched this new documentary on the use of pesticides and, uh, you know stuff like that.

Nope. I watched Dateline and I loved it. I've seen every episode and I also talk to the TV. "Seriously Bob, you Googled how to make murder look like an accident? Real smart, genius."

The other weekend Fran was going out with friends and I discovered a new Dateline had been taped and it was two hours long. Two hours! The excitement! Fran said something as he was leaving about texting me or trains or something. I held my paloma close and I could see his lips moving, but all I could hear was Keith Morrison talking.

keith morrison

Now it's your turn. What are your guilty pleasures? Keith and I would love to know.

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