5 things to do on a snow day: Kid edition

5 things to do on a snow day: Kid edition

It's been a little chilly here in Chicago this week. Schools have been closing down and parents have been looking for things to do on a snow day to keep everyone from losing their marbles.

Luckily, we survived the Polar Vortex last year and I lived to share some of our favorite activities with you so this winter will be a breeze. Sorry, I shouldn't say breeze. This winter will be like a nice, warm fire. Okay, here you go:


1. Make dark chocolate hot cocoa

This dark chocolate hot cocoa is so easy to make and loved by kids and adults.

2. Bring the snow indoors

What happens when you have a ton of snow, but it's too cold to play outside? It was -8°F the other evening and my kids asked if they could go outside to build a snowman. This isn't Frozen, guys. Your fingers might just fall off. Inside though? No problem.

3. Go sledding or cross country skiing

What happens when you have a snow day and it's actually not bitterly cold? Sledding is pretty much for any age. You can just pop your kid on your lap and head downhill.

Cross country skiing is also a lot of fun and great exercise. Skiing and running up sled hills warms you right up. Plus, it's a great way to wear your kids out. Let's face it, isn't that the goal of every parent?


4. Make maple taffy snow

I had never even heard of maple taffy snow until last year, but apparently it's an honored tradition in many cold climate areas. I can see why. It's delicious and it's just plain fun to make.


5. Blow frozen bubbles3-DSC_0011

We've done frozen bubbles when it's 20ºF, but the colder the temperature, the better. They'll freeze much faster and you can impress the kids with your wizardry.

Have fun!

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