Why you shouldn't brush off your kids

Why you shouldn't brush off your kids
Walking it off

I was enjoying the nice weather with Franky today. We decided to take the dog for a walk at one of our favorites walking paths.

We were just gallivanting around without a care in the world when all of a sudden Franky started screaming, "There's a bug in my ear! AHHHHH!"

Now, mind you, at the time I was walking next to him admiring a bluebird. I mean, how often do you see those? Anyway, I turned and looked at his ears. No bug.

"I don't see anything buddy. You're okay." I resumed walking.

A pause. More screaming. "Get it out! I hear it buzzing!"

Now I get down to his level. At this point I'm staring at his ear. "Franky, I think it's just your hair tickling your ear."

Still nervous about "the incident."

Still nervous about Beegate '14

Then what do I see? A full on honeybee CLIMBING OUT OF HIS EAR!! It was like something out of a science fiction movie. A bee climbing right out of his ear canal, hanging out for a second and then flying away.

This is the part where I told myself to stay calm. Did it sting his eardrum? Why of all things would a bee fly into the ear of a running four-year-old? That ear is little!

Franky was still freaking out, but I told him it flew away. Five seconds later, he was completely fine. I figured there wasn't any stinging going on, otherwise he would still be completely worked up. He started running on the path again. Problem solved.

What is it with bees? If you read about our beekeeping adventure, you'll know the tale of Lilia getting a bee into her zipped up and locked down super strength bee suit.

Pretty much the same story. "Mommy, there's a bee in my suit. I'm serious." This was followed by me saying, "I don't think so." Next scene, enter a bee on Lilia's hand under her bee suit.

You would have thought I learned my lesson that time. The good part of the story is that neither of them ended up getting stung (unlike they're prone to getting stung mother).

The moral of the story is to think twice before you brush off your kids. Not to be a buzz kill, but you really need to bee careful of your honeys so they don't get stung.

I'm sorry. I just had to.

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