Unique Easter egg idea: blow the egg out of its shell

Unique Easter egg idea: blow the egg out of its shell
The finished product

If you're looking for something unique to do with your Easter eggs, try blowing the egg right out of its shell!

The gross factor here is kind of high, but the finished product is worth it. Also "gross" is in the eye of the beholder. The kids actually thought it was hilarious and overall a lot of fun. Here's how you can do this at home:

Take your uncooked egg and make a hole on each end of the shell. We used scissors, but you can also use a knife (carefully!) or a small screwdriver.


Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into one of the holes. The egg yolk will come out of the other end and land into the bowl.


After you blow all of the egg yolk out, rinse your egg under warm water.


Place the egg in a glass with egg dye. You'll have to hold it down, otherwise it will float.


Not only can you decorate your egg however you'd like, you can keep it forever!


Happy Easter!

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