Ode to my 5 favorite discount stores

Ode to my 5 favorite discount stores
Our Ikea coffee table has seen it all

It's no secret that I like to save a buck. I love outlet malls and anywhere I can get away without paying full price.

When I was little we got some of our clothes from the Salvation Army and in high school my friends and I used to buy everything from Unique thrift store. In college I moved on to Discovery where I could spend $10.00 on an outfit with accessories.

I think my brain will forever be in "savings" mode. If I won the gazillion dollar lottery I would still be shopping at discount stores. I would just be buying more candles and lamps at these fine establishments.

Target You know it. Target is the only store where I can go in for Drano and pop out with a sundress (and completely forget the Drano). I don't think I need to explain much here when I tell you that Target is a dream come true.

I might have forgot the bread, but now I have blue nail polish!

I might have forgotten the bread, but now I have blue nail polish!

Cereal, sunglasses, garden lights, dog food and hair dye. Yeah, that's what you'll see on the conveyor belt on my Target runs. I'm in a serious relationship with you, Target. Don't ever leave me!

Ikea Two words. European chic. Maybe you think it's supposed to be a store for college kids, but that's where you're wrong.

Fran and I bought a ton of Ikea furniture for our first apartment. Much of the other furniture we owned has since been trashed. Guess what's still rocking and rolling? That's right. Our Ikea furniture in all its unpronounceable glory.

Our ten year old coffee table has seen the apocalypse and by that I mean two children and a dog. It's still standing and holds crayons by day and wine glasses by night.

One time Fran and I went into an expensive Swedish furniture store. One look around and we were all, "Pssh, this is Ikea except more expensive." Accept no substitutes.

Home Goods I don't like bringing Franky here because it's jam packed with glass and all sorts of breakables. It never fails. Even if I have a rambunctious four-year-old with me, like a moth to a flame I am drawn to Home Goods in search of anything and everything.

Now that's what I call a dog bed!

Now that's what I call a dog bed!

Purchases I've made here include wine glasses, silverware, flower pots and picture frames. I even bought my dog a posturepedic bed. "Say what, Christine? You bought your dog a fancy mattress?" Yep, because it's was from Home Goods.

Marshalls If I need a new dress, where do I go? The mall or a boutique? Bzzz, wrong. I head to Marshalls.

I like to think of this store as my own personal dress catalog. They have all of the good stuff hanging on those circular racks. There's really no need to even search. Michael Kors spring collection? Don't mind if I do.

I also rock my winter coat from Marshalls and several purses. When I went to Lollapalooza last summer, my "comfy" sandals were a bust. I strolled right past the fancy Michigan Ave. stores and into Marshalls. Picked up some cuter shoes and a pair of sunglasses. Done.

DSW A sea of shoe sales as far as the eye can see. (Say that three times fast.)

I head right back to the clearance section and eye all of the goods. This is also where Lilia puts on four inch sparkle heels and asks how they look. I tell her, "Put those back. You're going to break an ankle!" Then I stroll down the aisles looking for something fun.

Running shoes, wedges, sandals, boots, you name it. Last year I bought three pairs of shoes for $20.00. Even the guy ringing me up at the register did a double take. Shoe heaven.

Next time you see me shopping at an expensive store, just keep walking because that's not really me. That's an imposter. I'll be at Marshalls.

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