Starting a video diary: capturing moments in time

Starting a video diary: capturing moments in time
Two goofballs and a crazy lady with no makeup on. You're welcome.

Today we started a video diary of sorts. Lilia has been suggesting we do this for at least a month. Her reason? We can watch the videos a year from now and laugh at ourselves.

I liked her idea, but I suggested that besides for comedic performances, we could also just chat about our day. That's exactly what we did. Nothing fancy.

I take a ton of pictures, but I don't take videos that often. I decided we would just use the webcam to tape our little conversation. The kids sat on my lap and we talked about our day. I said the date and they each said how old they are. Other than that, we just freewheeled it.

Fran wasn't here so he got out of this video. Next time, he won't be so lucky. Maybe we should even invite the pets and have a full on video diary party.

Maybe we could do family skits! I really need to get all of these things accomplished before my kids get older and won't want to be caught dead making a video diary with their parents. Ten years from now they'll be too busy flying in their space machines to hang out with dear 'ole Ma and Pa.

For now, they like making videos and love laughing at themselves even more. I'll take two happy, giggly kids any day.

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