If you love avocados, you should grow your own

If you love avocados, you should grow your own

We were having a discussion about avocados while eating avocados at dinner tonight, when it dawned on me. We need to grow an avocado tree, STAT!

Why are we spending money on delicious avocados when we can just grow our own tree? Money might not grow on trees, but those other awesome green things (avocados) do.

Alright, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. We are starting with a seed and quite possibly, our tree could sprout avocados in 3-4 years. It's worth the try.

I have the opposite of a green thumb, but I still give it a go. My garden didn't come out perfectly last year, but at least my indoor plants are thriving.

If I can get this thing going in the house, then who knows what else I can conquer. Citrus trees in the living room? A cocoa tree which I can harvest to make my own chocolate? The possibilities are endless, but let's get started with this seed.

What you need to do:

1. Eat a delicious avocado.

2. Remove the seed and wash well with water.

3. Push 3-4 toothpicks into the avocado.

4. Suspend avocado (pointed end up) over a glass of water.

5. Make sure the base of the seed is submerged (about an inch) in the water.

6. Place near a sunny window and watch your seed sprout!

I'll be sure to keep you all updated on our progress. Who knows, four years from now you might be invited over for home grown guacamole. Cinco de Mayo 2018!

For more information about growing and transferring your avocado seed, check out this interesting page on Garden Web.

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