Warm up this winter at the Oak Park Conservatory

This week I'm writing a seven day series called "Take Back the Weather!" This is due to the crazy amount of snow and cold we've been experiencing this Chicago winter. If you aren't freezing like the rest of us Midwesterners and you just want to brighten your mood, these posts are also for you!

Today's adventure was inspired by another ChicagoNow blogger. Chicago Weather Watch wrote a post called Winter Rescue, Color Therapy which included the suggestion of visiting one of the many conservatories in Chicago. Warm air and blooming tropical plants in January? I was in.

Franky and I took a drive to the Oak Park Conservatory along with my friend Katy and her baby. (We're not the only ones looking to get out and about in this cold.) We strolled the indoor conservatory showrooms, which include the fern room, tropical room and desert room.

Each room houses plants native to their respective environments. We saw everything from orchids to an orange tree to cacti. Each room was unique in its own way, but the tropical room was especially inviting. I could have pulled up a chair and hung out in there all day.

Ice was falling down the greenhouse glass panels, but we were nice and warm amongst the flowers and waterfalls. We even joked about turning the scent from that room into a candle. Does Yankee candle make a tropical greenhouse scent?

Check out the photos from today's "Take Back the Weather!" adventure:

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