Baking an apple crumb pie for beginners

Today's adventure in pie cooking was all Lilia's idea. In fairness, Franky has been talking about a spaghetti ice cream pie for months now, but we always kind of glaze over that suggestion. They were asking me the usual question of, "What's our new thing?" Honestly, I hadn't planned anything out. This is the millionth day it's been insanely cold and I was short on ideas.

Luckily, the seven-year-old came in with the save. "Mommy, I have an idea. Since it's so cold, let's make a pie!' "Yeah!" yelled Franky. Before he could get any pasta pie ideas, we swayed the vote and decided on apple pie. We came to this idea while driving so I stopped at the store to pick up a pie dish and extra apples. I looked up some recipes on my phone and realized we had all of the other ingredients at home.

I bought a ready made crust (the wrong, ready made crust) so I discovered at home that I would be forced to make my own. I wasn't too happy about this because I'm not the best at baking. I much prefer to cook. I normally do most of my baking around Christmas and I mostly make tried and true cookies and fudge that you can't mess up.

There was nothing left to do, but try making the pie dough. I followed this Basic Pie Dough recipe from Chow and it actually turned out really well. Lilia and I chopped butter up into little pieces during which time I was sure it was going to be an epic fail, but that was not the case.

The filling and the topping was the easy part. We let the dough cool in the fridge while we made this Pennslyvania Dutch Apple Crumb Pie recipe from The filling alone smelled fantastic so I figured if the crust didn't turn out, we could at least scoop out the warm apples.

If you're a first time pie baker, you can't go wrong with these recipes. Happy baking!

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