What a real gingerbread house looks like

I've never made a gingerbread house with the kids before, that is, until today. This morning I shoveled the driveway while the kids and our dog rolled around in the snow for an hour.

We came back inside to warm up and Lilia immediately tore into the gingerbread house kit that we bought a couple of days ago. I had promised her we would put it together on Saturday and today was the day.

This time of year, there are zillions of recipes for perfectly made Christmas creations, including gingerbread houses. Just check out the gingerbread houses on Pinterest. It's enough to make any Martha Stewart wannabe sweat.

First off, we bought a kit with pre-made gingerbread. Sorry baker extraordinaires. We opened everything and I started to "glue" the house together with icing. Immediately it started to cave in so Lilia helped me hold it together.

Reading the directions I said things like, "Where is this gable supposed to go? Oops, I think I ate part of the roof. Seriously, what's up with this piping supposedly being easy?"

After I got that under control, I left the decorating to the kids. After Lilia asked me to do some more piping, she noticed I was struggling with trying to make windows without icing dripping all over. "It's okay Mommy. It doesn't matter if it's perfect. This house is just for us!"

It made me smile. We say a lot of things like that in this house. I've never been a crafty mom. I don't know what to do with a needle and thread, you can't trust me with a glue gun and I can't cut in a straight line.

The truth is, none of that matters. My kids might not have mom's homemade curtains or mom's intricately decorated birthday cakes, but we have a whole lot of fun and that's what really counts.

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