My daughter's surprising New Year's resolutions

My daughter's surprising New Year's resolutions

This afternoon we were talking about the upcoming New Year's Eve. I explained New Year's resolutions to Lilia and asked what she thought her goals might be.

I expected to hear "eat all of the candy in the world" because, well, that's actually a lofty goal of hers that comes up often.I told her she could dictate and I would type her list, preparing myself to write about candy and Chuck E Cheese.

The list:

1. Try more seafood.

2. Feed Vincent (our dog) every day.

3. Write more little books.

4. Start washing the dishes.

5. Start doing the laundry.

What in the...? Here's how our conversation went:

"Okay, you don't have to just put things you think that I think you should be doing."

"Mommy, I really want to do the dishes. Why won't you let me?"

"Really? Dishes? This is what you are begging me to do right now?"

"Yes! And be less crazy. I want to stop spinning in circles (runs in crazy circles) like this! Just kidding, I don't want to be less crazy."

I felt like I was in bizarro world. My up was my down and my down was my up.

Believe me when I say this isn't one of those humble brag posts like, "Oh my kids are just constantly asking me if they can do chores, take naps and eat more vegetables. I mean, really they just won't stop massaging my feet and playing nicely with each other!"

I won't completely tattle on my kids, but this is far from the norm. Plus, I think cleaning is a necessary evil and I hate seafood.  Apparently, my own daughter wants to do some laundry while eating mahi-mahi.

The funny thing is, she's asked to do the dishes before. I always just brush it off and do it myself because I can accomplish the task faster. If this was Little House on the Prairie she'd be churning butter and frying up various meats, but I'm hesitant on letting my seven-year-old put some spoons away.

Also, I made tilapia that my neighbor brought over a month ago, which Lilia didn't like, so that ended my preparing of the seafood. Maybe she was serious when she said she liked that free sample of canned salmon from Costco.

What I really took away from this is, how about asking my kids what they like? Most of the time we do things that I think they'll enjoy. I don't often lay out the question, "If you could do anything, what would it be?"

Seriously, if I asked Franky that question, I'm convinced he'd say to transform into the red Power Ranger, but now I'm thrown for a loop. Maybe he really wants to be an alpaca farmer. At this point, it's anyone's guess.

Due to her request, the resolutions will begin effective immediately. Maybe the cleaning novelty will wear off, but I'm willing to have a helper for now. As for the seafood, I have no idea what I'm doing so any suggestions are welcome. I'm sure there's a whole ocean of ideas out there.

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