Making a champagne cocktail and other ideas for a bottle of bubbly

Making a champagne cocktail and other ideas for a bottle of bubbly

It's that time after Christmas and before New Year's Eve where you might find yourself with some bottles of bubbly. Sure, you could tip back a glass of the good stuff, or you can get creative and concoct a champagne cocktail.

I realize some people consider the only true champagne to be from the Champagne region of France and that everything else is considered sparkling wine. Regardless, if you find yourself with a bottle of dry, sparkling wine whether or not it's labeled "champagne", it will do just fine in this recipe.

One of my favorite movies is Moonstruck and I remember in one scene, Cher's character Loretta and her father pour champagne to celebrate and they drop a sugar cube into the glasses. I later discovered that's part of what makes a champagne cocktail.

Some variations on the champagne cocktail add cognac to the mix. I kept it simple with this classic recipe.

Champagne Cocktail


3 dashes bitters

cold, dry champagneDSC_0005

1 sugar cube


1. Place sugar cube at the bottom of a glass.

2. Pour bitters onto sugar cube.

3. Slowly fill glass with champagne.

Want to get even more creative with your cocktails?

Lavender Champagne from Martha Stewart

Black Velvet Champagne Cocktail from Esquire

Champagne Mojitos from Food & Wine

Have you got too much champagne or a bottle that's gone flat?

Champagne Risotto from Giada De Laurentiis

Champagne Cake from Allrecipes

Champagne Chicken from

Bottoms up, bon appetit and cheers!

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