How to solve your problems with this perfect hot toddy recipe

How to solve your problems with this perfect hot toddy recipe

Do you want to stop coughing? Are you feeling like a Grinch and want to get into the holiday spirit?

Well then, it's time for a hot toddy! Good thing I have some whiskey left over from my mint julep experiment because that's just the stuff I need.

I've come down with this cough that makes me sound like a 3 pack a day smoker. It started innocently enough. A little cough here and there. Now it's just out of control.

It's the kind where people either want to call an ambulance for me in public or run for the hills when they hear me hacking (probably the latter). Before you actually call the TB police on me, I've been tested a zillion times (thanks employment in homeless shelters and schools!) and no, I don't have it. I actually feel fine except for this (cough, cough) cough.


I'm sorry, did you think I minced my own garlic?

I was looking up home remedies and read the typical stuff like mixing honey with tea or hot water. Another home remedy involves garlic. Lots and lots of garlic. The recommended amount of 4 to 8 raw garlic cloves a day does not sound like fun. That's right, raw. The cooking part apparently spoils the effectiveness.

Oh, but what's this? I read about the hot toddy and picked this one as my Friday night elixir. I was planning on drinking peppermint tea tonight, but this sounded much more interesting.

I always thought the hot toddy was something people drank on ski slopes while wearing white turtlenecks, but it turns out they're also regarded highly in terms of helping you get some cold/cough relief. I'm not sure if it actually helps relieve your cough or if after drinking one, you just don't care about having a cough anymore.

Either way, I'm game. Here's the recipe:


2  fl. oz. whiskey

2 lemon wedges (more for garnish, optional)                                      DSC_0020

1/2 cup hot water

1 tbsp honey


1. Pour whiskey into a mug.

2. Squeeze juice from the 2 lemon wedges into the whiskey.

3. Pour hot water into the mug, add honey and stir.

Now that is something to warm you up. It's also supposed to help me sleep through the night, which is why I'm drinking my lovely hot toddy after my kids are in bed. Here's a toast to my cough getting better or at the very least, feeling some holiday spirit!


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