5 Amazing things: December edition

5 Amazing things: December edition
The Amazing Maze

I normally don't write much about school activities, but I just loved this one. Franky takes classes through our local park district and they are quite creative.

Today, he walked in and his entire classroom was a maze. A maze! He had to crawl through a hole in the door and make his way all the way through to the other end of the maze.

I was so impressed, I said, "This reminds me of my gerbil maze I made for the 8th grade science fair, but this one is for humans!" I got some half smiles and "crazy person alert" laughs thrown my way.

I was telling Fran about it and how the teachers referred to it as an aMAZEing maze. The two of us like to joke around with the word amazing since it tends to be overused.

It all started when we saw an interview with Britney Spears when she was promoting her movie Crossroads and she said amazing about a million times. Now our little secret is out. We too will say amazing 100 times per sentence because we're lunatics and we somehow think it's funny.

Moving on, we were also talking about that famous Elvis Presley sandwich tonight. You know, typical dinner conversation. All of this talk led me to make the list of 5 Amazing things: December edition.

1. The Elvis Sandwich. This one has some variations, but what we know for sure, it involved white bread, bananas, peanut butter and sometimes bacon. Cold weather is upon us. Why eat soup when you can dine on this exquisite fare? Sometimes this delicacy was made with an entire French loaf that Elvis would eat for a midnight snack. Here's one recipe you can try at home from Food Network.

2. Insanely warm slippers and sweaters. These items start appearing on shelves in the late summer and come out of hibernation from the back of my closet as soon as the temperature dips. I often refer to myself as Mr. Rogers because as soon as I get home, I take off my shoes and coat and slip on a sweater and slippers, also known as house shoes. Hello, neighbor.

3. Seeing my breath. Maybe it's because I've never been a smoker, but I am amazed every time I see my breath. I think I like it more than my kids. Whenever this happens after the first big freeze, you will recognize me as the person who keeps saying, "It's so cold, I could see my breath!" over and over again.

4. This Run- D.M.C. video. Christmas in Hollis was on the first A Very Special Christmas album of celebrities singing Christmas songs. After you get past the weird elf bit in the beginning, it's a nonstop ride to pure Christmas gold.

5. The quiet after the snow. This happens in the evening after a heavy snowfall, when things are quieter than usual. That's the good stuff. I forget how great that is until I force myself to get bundled up and get outside. It feels like your own little world out there. Finally, you get a little too cold and it's time to come in, put on some slippers and make yourself an Elvis sandwich.

What makes your December amazing list?

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