We're getting nuts for squirrels

We're getting nuts for squirrels

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and you might say we've been getting squirrely around here. You might even call us nuts.

When I was in college, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving called for getting together with friends at the bar. Now, it calls for some good old fashioned squirrel feeding.

We have these pecans in their shells at home and about a month ago, Lilia said we should put them outside to see if the squirrels would eat them. This was around the same time said squirrels were eating our very own prize pumpkin that we harvested.

We forgot to do it and the squirrels ate our pumpkin. I think they would have done it anyway because those suckers are ruthless. Cute, but merciless.

Anyway, we've been watching the squirrels in our neighborhood scurrying around and burying food for the winter. Lilia reminded me that today would be perfect for putting out the nuts.

She really wanted to see if we could stake out a spot in our living room and place ourselves on squirrel watch. In fact, we deemed it Squirrel Watch 2013. You have to say it in a deep voice with your hands cupped around your mouth because I think that adds to the adventure/drama of it all.

We grabbed some pecans and strategically placed them in the yard. Okay, some of them we just threw, but the rest did take some planning. Lilia put three pecans on our stoop where the eaten pumpkin met its maker. We made some squirrel sounds, ran in and watched from the window.


The sun started to set before we knew it and we didn't see any squirrels gathering the goods. Tomorrow morning we'll set up shop again to look for our squirrel friends.

You never know, if we become friendly enough with these furry critters, this might be my next post:


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