Teaching kids the gift of giving

Teaching kids the gift of giving
Learning about guide dogs

The other day the kids and I spotted a guide dog. Franky was excited. "Look at that doggie! He's wearing a coat!"

I was going to explain that he was a guide dog, but instead Lilia took over. She explained that he was "working." She went on to describe all of the things that guide dogs can do to help people.

She reminded me that guide dogs had come to her school last month and that's how she learned all about them. "They even have guide monkeys!" she exclaimed. Immediately Franky decided he wanted a monkey.

That same week Lilia checked out a book about dogs from the library. Again, we read about guide dogs and the important jobs that they do.

It seemed like fate that I was reading a magazine today and they mentioned donating money to Guide Dogs of America. We went to the website and read all about the puppies and the hard work and dedication that is put into training guide dogs.

Lilia ran and got her tooth fairy money to donate to the cause. I told her since I was going to use a credit card, she could hang on to her money. We picked an amount and submitted a donation.

You can designate what you would like your donation to cover (vaccines, food, training, etc.) but we chose to let Guide Dogs of America decide.

Throughout the year we are donating machines. Clothes, toys, furniture, you name it. Lilia has even donated her hair. We've also participated in a beach clean up and completed a kindness kit for the Dress for Success program.

It feels good to donate and volunteering is the greatest gift you can give your kids, but it's difficult to find these types of activities for younger ones. We're always on the lookout for volunteer opportunities so if you have any ideas, please send them our way!

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