Skip unhealthy holiday eating and snack on this instead

Skip unhealthy holiday eating and snack on this instead

This morning my neighbor came over with a box of chocolate truffles. "No, I can't take these," I said while immediately taking them out of her hand and setting them on the counter.

Those chocolate truffles have been staring at me all day. Nothing wrong with one, right? That is if I had the willpower to not eat the entire box.

Halloween was the kickoff to the season of eating. Candy as far as the eye can see. Next up? Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, followed by New Year's and Valentine's Day.

When will the madness stop? For awhile, until Easter and those Cadbury Eggs pop up. Sweet, sweet Cadbury Eggs.

I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I'm going to eat a carrot stick instead of chocolate and be satisfied. Instead, I decided to make a little snack that the entire family can eat without tearing through a box of candy.

I wanted something sweet and salty with the right amount of fat. Trail mix! Sounds boring?

Actually a lot of the store bought stuff tastes like sawdust and it is pretty boring. Same goes for those "healthy" granola bars. Not a fan.

Good news is that you can easily make your own tasty trail mix at home. Plus, there are a million variations and it's tough to mess up.

I didn't really measure out my recipe today, so I'll just say I mixed up equal parts cashews, banana chips and golden raisins. I sprinkled in some unsweetened shredded coconut and stirred it in. That's it. Simple, right?

Now, the key to making this a healthier snack is to not go overboard. Since this does have all of the delicious fat, sugar and salt, you still need to keep it to 1/4 to 1/3 cup per serving.

Here are some add in ideas to get you started. Be creative!

NutsĀ (almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, walnuts)

Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)

Dried fruit (cherries, raisins, banana chips, apricots, mango, pineapple, coconut)

Kid Picks (popcorn, pretzels, baked cheese crackers, Cheerios)

Sweet Stuff (dark chocolate chips, chocolate covered nuts or raisins)

Hot Stuff ( wasabi peas or chips)

Portion it out into snack bags and throw them into your kid's lunch, in your bag or your desk. When somebody comes at you with a plate of stale cookies, whip out your super fantastic trail mix and stop them in their tracks.

Happy snacking!

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