Putting up Christmas lights: mastering the craft

Putting up Christmas lights: mastering the craft
Our Christmas birch tree

When Fran and I first started dating, he wasn't that "into" Christmas decorating. He wasn't the Grinch or anything, it just wasn't his, shall we say, cup of tea.

When it came to Christmas, you might want to say, compared to him, I sounded a little like this.


We got our first Christmas tree together when we lived in San Diego. Getting a real tree vs. an artificial one was a non-negotiable for me. I even made him go to a festive looking tree lot and we picked out a nice, albeit pricey, tree.

The next day we were at Home Depot and saw beautiful trees for a fraction of the price. After that, we compromised. We'd get a real tree, but we'd buy it from a home improvement store to save some cash.

Slowly, Fran started getting more into decorating for Christmas. In our second apartment, we had a large front room surrounded by windows. We put our Christmas tree in the center and he helped me stick twinkle lights up around the windows.

We moved into the house we live in now in December, nearly five years ago. The first year, we were so busy moving in that we barely had time to do any outdoor decorating. The year after that, I was enormously pregnant with Franky, so Fran took over putting up outdoor lights.

After that, it was his time to shine. He became, the ultimate Christmas light decorator. It was like a light (or a strand of them) went off and he was really into the Christmas decorating spirit.

Last year, he spent hours putting up lights outside and this is what I witnessed when the kids and I went outside to see the final masterpiece.

This brings us to tonight. He is now mastering his craft. The kids and I came home from grocery shopping and found that Fran had decorated our birch tree.

He actually did some research on how to put the lights just so, so that is looks like a Christmas tree. I would say, it was a great success. Not only do we have a Christmas birch tree, he made himself a tree decorating tool out of a broken rake.

Broken rake or expensive decorating tool?

Broken rake or expensive decorating tool?

So, I'm not saying this is going to be our house next year, but at the rate he's going, it's a strong possibility. You might want to plan on taking the kids for a drive by, just in case.

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