My senior dog is the coolest

My senior dog is the coolest
This guy. Not a care in the world.

My dog Vincent is getting old. It's hard for me to admit, but he is. His black muzzle is white now, as the kids point out every time they see an old picture or video.

When I took him for his annual checkup the vet ran into the room, hugged our dog and said, "Vincent! It's so good to see you!" She explained to the vet tech how he almost died two years ago. Long story short, he had massive internal bleeding and we didn't think he would live.

He spent the night at the animal hospital and they said I could come visit and bring him food because he was refusing to eat. I brought him some home cooked pot roast, which he wouldn't so much as sniff.

After they performed insanely amazing (that's the technical term) science, they managed to save him. Almost 2 1/2 years later you wouldn't know he was ever in that bad of a state. Except for the new fact that he's been pacing around the house at night.

Who knows why. Maybe because his bed that he sleeps on is worn out or he's old or he's such a great guard dog, he's just working the overnight security shift. Last night we woke up at 3:30 a.m. to a loud scratching sound. Vincent, who never gets up on the couch, was right up there scratching and turning around, making himself comfy.

When he was younger, I would have yelled at him to get down. Now I feel bad for the old guy just looking for a comfy place to crash. Lilia and I went out and found a new dog bed for him today. A memory foam orthopedic dog bed. You read that right.

It was expensive, but I still managed to get a good deal at a discount store. Lilia and I giggled at all of the dog beds that looked like couches including a pink, sparkly doggie chaise lounge. Finally, I found just the bed we were looking for. It was huge, but the only one that seemed suitable for my senior citizen, Vincent.

We put it on the floor and Lilia tested it out. People walked by and smiled, "Wow, you must have a big dog!" Another woman who worked there saw me carrying it precariously past a shelf of breakables and said, "I was just thinking that I didn't know we carried crib mattresses and then I realized it was for a dog!"

Just testing this thing out

Just testing this thing out

I went to check out and tossed that thing up on the counter to the checkout guy. "Whoa, someone's got a big dog!" he said. Lilia and I laughed as we crammed it into the trunk and we laughed even harder when I maneuvered it into the house, narrowly knocking Franky onto the ground.

We put the bed on the floor and I patted it for Vincent to come lay down. Besides for his daily tearing envelopes out of the mail slot and sitting under the dinner table, he's been hanging out in his luxurious bed ever since.

I don't feel bad for making a big purchase for Vincent. He spends all day protecting the family from the mailman, neighborhood cats and squirrels. He also helps me take care of cleaning up any food that's fallen on the floor and he lulls us to sleep at night with his old dog snoring.

The least the guy can get is a comfy bed where he can lay his weary paws and dream about finally capturing that squirrel.

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