When your kid won't wear a Halloween costume

When your kid won't wear a Halloween costume

I'm writing this post in between answering the door for trick or treaters, taking bites of pizza and stealing chocolate from the kids candy supply.

I heard Halloween was postponed until tomorrow night in some of the suburbs due to the rain. Not so around these parts. Everyone is decked out with ponchos and umbrellas and braving the rain in the search for candy.

So, what's our new experience for the day? Franky wore a costume and went trick or treating. If you're new to this blog you might think, "Aw, it's his first Halloween." Nope. Not the case.

Franky will be four at the end of January and he's never worn a costume. We got him into one long enough to snap a picture when he was 9 months old and those ten minutes were the record.

Now, this is a kid with a very active imagination. He's always pretending to be a dinosaur, superhero, or more recently, a phantom. You would think wearing a costume would be the next step. Every year we plan a costume (mostly hand me downs), talk about the costume and then he refuses to wear the costume.

This year, he's making up for lost time. We bought a Spiderman costume, which he actually wore. He wore the mask for pictures, but then took it off for trick or treating because it "hurt" his face. Hey, at least he was still a well muscled Spiderman.

Since it was raining, his Spiderman costume got wet on the first trip out and he didn't want to put it back on. When the rain stopped and it was time for round two, he put on his dinosaur costume from last year and he's currently out on the town in that fuzzy green behemoth.

When he refused to wear his costume last year, I tried to convince him otherwise for 20 minutes. Then it hit me. Who cares? I was clearly the only one.

He didn't care and our neighbors surely weren't going to refuse a two year old candy because he was scared of wearing a costume. He wasn't going to have any less fun checking out the neighborhood decorations and running from house to house through crunchy leaves.

The whole point of Halloween is for the kids to experience a magical night full of candy and mystery. That's exactly what that dinosaur is doing.

Happy Halloween!

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