When life gives you apples, make homemade apple cider

When life gives you apples, make homemade apple cider

Although I haven't had it in awhile, I love apple cider. The other day I was having a conversation about this when the question of what is in apple cider came up.

"Hmm, I think it's apple juice with spices. Or maybe just fermented apple juice?" I clearly was not an expert on apple cider.

We have a lot of apples at the house. I bought some from the grocery store and my mom gave us a bag that she picked herself. We like apples, but I wasn't sure how many we'd be able to get through before they started to get past their prime.

Today, I did some research on apple cider and found out it is purely the juice from the apple. Say what? Also, you can make it with a juicer. Double what?

Apple cider is the juice from apples that is unfiltered and unsweetened. It has a cloudiness to it due to the tiny apple particles that haven't been filtered out like your typical grocery store apple juice.

I have a juicer that I use sometimes (though, not often enough) for green juices, like the Mean Green recipe. Upon doing my apple cider research today, I found out that apple cider was (and still is in many places) originally made on an apple press.

You can also make it at home with a food processor or blender, using cheese cloth or a fine sieve to separate the blended apple flesh and skin from the juice. You can also use a juicer, which does the separating for you.

I chopped up about eight apples and Lilia and her friend helped me pop them bit by bit into the juicer. I read that it's best to use a mix of apples and sweeter apples are preferred. If you use something like Granny Smith, it will come out too bitter.

We used Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious and Gala apples. I poured the apple cider over ice into three glasses for Lilia, her friend and Franky. They loved it. So much so, that I made a whole other batch so everyone could have seconds. Also, so much that Franky was not happy about waiting a second so I could take a picture.

This kid does not want to wait for his apple cider.

This kid does not want to wait for his apple cider.

I heated my cider up and drank it in a mug. Sometime this fall, I just might have to add some rum and spices to make a warm spiced cider. I think I'll save that for a time when I don't have children running around me. For now, fresh apple cider is just perfect.

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