Smart snacking: air-popped popcorn

Smart snacking: air-popped popcorn
Popcorn and our vacuum cleaner AKA doggy

Lately, Franky has been asking me where everything comes from. The force of questioning runs strong in this one.

"Where does milk come from? Where did my shoes come from? Who made this car? Where do bananas come from?" He's been asking where popcorn comes from ever since we got kettle corn from the pumpkin patch.

One of our go to weekend snacks is popcorn and it usually comes out of a bag from the microwave. Especially now that you can get the kind that turns into its own bowl. It's magic!

I've eaten a lot of microwave popcorn for as long as I can remember. Elementary school, high school, college (they sold the movie theater butter kind in the dorm vending machine).

Now I keep reading about how I'm going to grow a tail or a third eye if I continue eating microwave popcorn in a bag. Or that inhaling the buttery fumes might give me popcorn lung.

I'm not a hysteric. I'm more of an "everything in moderation" kind of person. Still, I figured why not try to go the natural route? On top of making a much healthier popcorn, I can answer Franky's question about where popcorn babies come from.

We picked up the popper from my local hangout, Target, and used it tonight after dinner. The suspense was palpable. Lilia made a popcorn menu and Franky brought out a shield when I turned the machine on.

Popper, work your magic!

Popper, work your magic!

They helped measure the kernels and poured them into the popper. We turned it on and minutes later everyone was jumping up and down shrieking at the popcorn. Some of it bounced right out of the bowl and shot across the room. Franky was right to have his shield.

The dog also made a beeline for the rogue bits of popcorn. Everyone was happy.

I melted a little pat of butter and poured it over the bowl. (I wasn't serving this plain. Let's not get crazy here.) Afterward, I read that a drizzle of olive oil is pretty tasty so I'll try that next time.

As far as nutrition goes, 4 cups of air popped popcorn (not using oil) has 120 calories and 5 grams of fiber. It's also a 100% whole grain snack. Fiber and no popcorn lung? It's a win win situation.

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