Halloween costumes for girls are outrageous

Halloween costumes for girls are outrageous
The costume we bought today. I'm supposed to keep it a secret.

After searching for Halloween costumes with my kids I have come to the realization that the differences between those marketed to boys and to girls are outrageous.

My son's costume options are superheroes, ninjas, sports stars, police officers and firefighters.  I might add, the boy costumes are actually representing what a what a police officer or firefighter would wear.

The girls? Let's start with the miniskirts. Everything in a mini skirt. Did you know that firefighters, police officers and the military wear mini skirts? They do at the Halloween store.

One of the worst offenders is the Major Flirt Military Kids costume brought to you by Rubie's Costume Company. This one not risque enough? How about their Army Brat version that can fit an 8 year old? It's hard to not compare this girl police costume to this boy one.

I get it. Halloween is about about magic and make believe. After all, witches and vampires aren't real and seven year old's aren't joining the police academy.

No, the message here is that girls have to show skin. The more skin, the cuter or cooler the Halloween costume. You can't be this Darth Vader, you have to be this one. It's telling girls you can't wear what a "real" sailor wears, you have to be a cutesy one with knee socks and a short skirt.

If my daughter wants to be a princess or a butterfly for Halloween, I say go for it. Just don't tell her she has to be a doctor in a mini skirt. She'll tell you otherwise.

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