5 minutes to the coolest Halloween trick

5 minutes to the coolest Halloween trick
Put glow sticks on a fan

"What can I help you with?" Fran asked me as I was clearing up the dinner dishes. "You can tape some glow sticks to Lilia's ceiling fan," I replied.

That's the funny thing about living in our house for the past six months. Before he probably would have asked me what I was talking about. Now, with our "new thing" every day, taping glow sticks to a fan doesn't even get a second glance.

Instead he said, "This is going to be trippy," and led the kids upstairs like the Pied Piper of glow sticks.

Fran cracked the bracelets and shook them up to get the glow going. He then taped a different colored bracelet, each stretched out, to each blade of the fan with clear office tape.


That's where the magic starts. Turn on the fan, turn off the lights and enjoy the show!

Franky photo bomb

Franky photo bomb

I kind of felt like I was in college again. Break out the black lights and some Grateful Dead posters and I would have been transported to 1999.

You are traveling back to the 90's....

You are traveling back to the 90's....

Okay, back to reality. This is a cool "trick" you can do anytime of year, but it seems especially fitting for Halloween. Try this not only in your kid's room, but for any Halloween party.

The pictures alone were fun to take. I'm no photography expert so I just took shots with the flash off. It was that easy.


Franky "flying"

Franky was spinning other glow in the dark bracelets around and so I took some shots of that too. It went something like this. Franky: take a picture of me! Let me see the picture! Take another picture of me! Let me see the picture!

All of this entertainment for five minutes of work. It can't get much easier than that. Happy Halloween!

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