Why Rainbow Loom is not for the weak

Why Rainbow Loom is not for the weak

I went from not knowing what a Rainbow Loom is to hearing 500 stories about how awesome Rainbow Loom is in the past two weeks. For those of you who don't know (like me, circa early September) this is a plastic loom that comes with colorful rubber bands so you can make your own bracelets.

They're essentially a modern day jelly bracelet, but instead of getting yours in a pack from Claire's, you actually have to put some effort into making them.

Rainbow Loom basic bracelet

Rainbow Loom basic bracelet

They are all the rage with the kids these days. After Lilia came home with bracelets from her friends and asked for one, I was skeptical. By skeptical, I mean I was wondering if she wanted me to buy a $50 rubber band maker that would end up in the back of her closet.

Like magic, I got an email from my mom asking if Lilia had ever heard of Rainbow Loom and if I thought she would like one. The stars were aligned for Lilia that day. Today, Grandma delivered the goods and Lilia now has her very own Rainbow Loom, which costs $18, not $50.

Lilia picked her colored rubber bands and after we read the directions, she had the first part of the loom set up. The next set of directions was a little more confusing so I decided to help her out until she got the hang of it.

I just had to follow some simple directions and proceed to mess up over and over again. Crafting, jewelry making or essentially anything that calls for a certain set of skills has never been in the cards for me.

My mom watched me trying to make one of these bracelets and said I could put it on that Pinterest "Fails" website. Thanks, Mom.

"Forget directions, I declared. Give me the YouTube!" Lilia and I watched some Rainbow Loom videos and I continued to "help" with the cause.

The best part of these videos is that there are children doing the demonstrations. Yes, I was watching kids easily make these bracelets and I just kept yelling, "Rewind it! Yeah, the one with the seven year old. What did she say?"

By this time I'm pretty sure Lilia had it figured out and I was just muttering about how my fingers must be too big. Yeah, that must be it.

This is probably why I've never made a friendship bracelet. That would be like my version of painting the Sistine Chapel.

If only we could go back to a simpler time when everything that made sense (jelly bracelets, Garbage Pail Kids) could be bought from a gumball machine. Wait, then again, maybe that's why I don't have any of these skills. I blame the 80's.

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