DIY color bubbles for kids

DIY color bubbles for kids

This evening we tried our hand at DIY (do it yourself) color bubbles. We have a big plastic container of bubbles that has been sitting in our basement since last year. I actually forgot about it until I noticed it collecting cobwebs earlier this week.

Lilia loves food coloring and I really believe she thinks anything could be improved by it. Science experiment? Let's put some food coloring in that. Ice? That needs food coloring too. Baking cookies? I think there's room for some color.

Plus, what kid doesn't love blowing bubbles in their milk? Instead of being told to stop, this is their time to blow as many bubbles in their cup as they'd like!

Read on to find out how you can make DIY color bubbles at home.


food coloring

2 plastic or paper cups

2 straws

1 cup bubbles solution


1. Pour 1/2 cup bubbles into each cup.

2. Add several drops of food coloring to bubbles.

3. Stir food coloring and bubbles with a straw.

4. Instruct kids to blow air out of the straw to make bubbles.

This is a simple activity that Lilia and Franky both loved. We chose to make red and blue bubbles.


After they blew bubbles onto the patio, they mixed the red and blue bubbles to make purple.


This activity gets a little messy so if you don't have space (or it's too cold or rainy outdoors) you can lay some papers under your bubble cups for easier cleanup. Happy bubbling!

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