Top 10 celebrity singing performances on Sesame Street

Franky was watching an episode of Sesame Street this morning that included a performance by the singer Feist. I had seen this one before with Lilia and it's one of my favorites.

It's such a great song (the original and the Sesame Street version) and this morning's take is just plain cute. Franky fell in love with it and could not stop laughing at the chickens in sunglasses.

This made me think about Sesame Street throughout the years. I started watching it when I was very young, then again when I started babysitting and now once again as a parent.

Sesame Street has had an enormous amount of celebrities on the show, but my kids and I have always loved the singing performances. There are many talented singers that have appeared on Sesame Street, but some didn't make my cut because they wanted to make Franky run for the hills. (I'm looking at you, Johnny Cash.)

Here are my top 10. What are your favorites?

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