Keep warm weather alive with floral scented artwork

Keep warm weather alive with floral scented artwork

In the spring of this year, our lilac bushes were blooming like crazy. We planted three of the bushes a couple of years ago and they're currently taking residence in front of our kitchen window.

We had our windows open on every nice day and the scent of lilacs would find its way into the house. We hated to see them go, so Lilia and I trimmed some of the blooms and pressed them in a book.

We've been meaning to take them out, but were trying to decide what to do with them. Today we took the blossoms out and they had dried perfectly. They also retained that sweet lilac scent.

Lilia wanted to glue the flowers onto paper and draw a "scene" behind it. Franky made sure he licked his flowers before he put them on his paper. You know because, why wouldn't you?

They got to work using tracing paper, which was a nice choice for the flowers. They glued down the blossoms and then used glitter and chalk for their creations. Franky said that his was a dinosaur with rocks and a waterfall. Lilia made hers to look like "wind and rain" which matched the spring flowers.


The best part of this project is that it smells like lilacs. Now that the blossoms are out in the open, I'm not sure how long the smell will last, but it's pretty unique for now. Since the flowers were dried, they're also sturdier for adding to artwork than fresh flowers would be.

We have a lot of wildflowers from our butterfly garden that will sadly be wilting away before we know it. Lilia and I already have plans to press those flowers not only to use for artwork, but for trying our hand at making potpourri.

If anyone needs a floral smelling house come this winter, we'll be taking orders.

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