100 things you can do without a smartphone

100 things you can do without a smartphone
My smartphone, nestled on top of a magazine and dinosaur board book

Last night Fran showed me a video on YouTube called I Forgot My Phone, which you can view by clicking here. At first I laughed, then I felt uncomfortable and then just sad.

I wouldn't say I'm obsessive about my smartphone. I am guilty of scrolling through my phone in bed and sometimes before I even get out of bed.

I've reached for my phone if I'm waiting in line or at my kid's swim lesson or if I hear a text or e-mail sounding off while I'm cooking dinner. Wait, did I just say I wasn't obsessive?

This morning I woke up without checking my phone and left it on my nightstand. That's where it has been all day. A couple of times I've been tempted to pick it up, but I made a conscious effort to leave it be.

What would happen if the world came to an end or if the zombie apocalypse was upon us? How would I know? My guess is, I'll be just fine.

Think you'll be lost without having a smartphone attached to your hand? Think again. There are plenty of more interesting things to do.

100 things you can do without a smartphone:

1. Talk to your neighbor.

2. Read a book.

3. Play at the park.

4. Go for a walk.

5. Kiss someone you love.

6. Make risotto.

7. Plant a garden.

8. Pick vegetables from your garden.

9. Watch the sunrise.

10. Walk your dog.

11. Light a candle.

12. Take a bath.

13. Listen to the radio.

14. Read to someone.

15. Visit a museum.

16. Go to the beach.

17. Sail on a boat.

18. Try on new shoes.

19. Drink a cold beer.

20. Watch a baseball game.

21. Paint your bedroom.

22. Visit the library.

23. Take the train.

24. Bake cookies.

25. Look for shooting stars.

26. Thank your mail carrier.

27. Write a love letter.

28. Paint your nails.

29. Sculpt with clay.

30. Make a snow angel.

31. Eat pumpkin pie.

32. Make balloon animals.

33. Walk barefoot in the grass.

34. Tell someone you love them.

35. Say hello to a stranger.

36. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.

37. Play the guitar.

38. Make a scarecrow.

39. Drink champagne.

40. Yoga.

41. Volunteer.

42. Make a quilt.

43. Cross country ski.

44. Write a novel.

45. Drink a hot cup of coffee.

46. Pet your cat.

47. Meditate.

48. Get a haircut.

49. Run a 5K.

50. Make tamales.

51. Eat at a new restaurant.

52. Eat at your favorite restaurant.

53. Snuggle with someone you love.

54. Vote.

55. Ride a bike.

56. Ride on a Ferris wheel.

57. Pick a pumpkin.

58. Climb a mountain.

59. Adopt a pet.

60. Read a magazine.

61. Tell a joke.

62. Play miniature golf.

63. Roast marshmallows.

64. Dance.

65. People watch.

66. Create a comic book.

67. Walk in the rain.

68. Play soccer.

69. Ride in a taxi.

70. Visit a farm.

71. Blow bubbles.

72. Tickle someone.

73. Make real lemonade.

74. Tell someone why they're awesome.

75. Make a photo album.

76. Go horseback riding.

77. Read a newspaper.

78. Write in a journal.

79. Play a board game.

80. Run through a sprinkler.

81. Hold a child's hand.

82. Eat an ice cream cone.

83. Put on perfume.

84. Rake leaves.

85. Build a snowman.

86. Go to a concert.

87. Visit a farmers market.

88. Help a friend.

89. Help a stranger.

90. Have a picnic.

91. Go ice skating.

92. Play the drums.

93. Write a poem.

94. Visit an art gallery.

95. Make popcorn on the stove.

96. Sit by a campfire.

97. Give someone a hug.

98. Listen to birds singing.

99. Cheer on a sports team.

100. Watch the sunset.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading out to enjoy the day. Smartphone not included.

I'm sure you can add more to my list. What are your personal favorites?

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