Creating a memory jar: being thankful for the little things in life

Creating a memory jar: being thankful for the little things in life

We've been talking a lot about making memories around this house lately. If you're a new reader, we are on an adventure to do one new thing, every day for an entire year. We're almost four months in and it's been a whirlwind experience so far.

Both of the kids wake up everyday asking, "What's our new thing?" More often, they've been offering their own suggestions. Sometimes we have something planned, sometimes we wing it and other new things just fall into our laps.

No matter what happens, by the end of March 2014 we'll have a years worth of adventures documented in writing, photographs and memories.

Some of the things we've done so far include papering our ice arena with secret notes, watching caterpillars grow into butterflies, planting our first vegetable garden, watching the summer solstice sunrise, learning the Electric Slide and throwing a message in a bottle (somebody found it!)

This isn't our whole life. Much of our life isn't documented at all. There are many small things, for better or for worse that happen every day, intertwined with our new adventures.

For some of these little things, we've started a memory jar. Anywhere from every day to a couple of times a week, we'll write down a memory from that day to put into the jar.

After dinner, Lilia, Fran, Franky (well, he "wrote" something) and I all wrote a memory from today and put it in the jar. Our rules are that you can write anything you want, you have to keep it a secret and you have to put the date on the scrap of paper.  The possibilities are endless.

Update: after writing that last sentence there was a knock on the door. Our neighbors wanted help with getting a bird that was stuck under the chicken wire in their garden.

While trying to help the bird out, other birds started dive bombing our friends. Our entire family ran across the street to see what would happen (bird got out, bird friends were happy). Lilia, her friend and Franky ate chives from their garden and chased fireflies.  We stayed and chatted in the backyard until it was too dark to see each other.

Yep, that's a little memory for the jar.

I thought maybe we would take the memories out and read them in a year, but now I'm thinking New Year's Eve would be perfect. Then we can keep those "old" memories in a box and start the memory jar all over again on New Year's Day.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle in our lives, eating a gooey ice cream, laughing at a new joke or setting a bird free is just the thing we need.

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