5 classical music pieces to share with your kids

I'm not a classical music connoisseur, but it is something I enjoy and don't listen to nearly enough. I have old classical music CD mixes laying around my basement and that's about where my collection resides. I wanted to transfer that music and download some other classical music pieces so we could all enjoy it.

We listen to a lot of music in this house, but most of that being "modern" music AKA anything past 1960. Yesterday, I was downloading Clair de lune by Debussy so it was playing from my laptop in the kitchen. When I turned it down mid-song, Franky said in his 3 year old way, "Hey, I listen to that song!"

He was playing with play-doh and I didn't even realize he was paying attention. I turned it back on and he started dancing and turning around in circles. My boy, who is normally jumping off of the coffee table and spending hours every day practicing his dinosaur roar, was actually getting into a piano solo.

This morning I started looking up more music online and the kids wandered into the kitchen, drawn by the sound of an orchestra. Lilia peeked her head over my shoulder and Franky climbed into my chair to see what I was watching. We started to look up videos and had an impromptu classical music show in the kitchen.

I wanted to show them the actual musicians playing because it's so abstract (especially for a 3 year old) to connect the music to people actually playing the instruments. Next weekend we're taking the kids to listen to classical music live for the first time (stay tuned for that future post).

If you don't have access to that type of thing, watching it on your computer or television can be captivating for kids (hence, my two wandering into the kitchen as soon as they heard the music).

There is an enormous amount of classical music that you can share with your kids. Here are five songs that my kids enjoyed. Have a listen. Do you have your own favorites?

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