Donating Crayons in 3 Easy Steps

Donating Crayons in 3 Easy Steps
Crayon Donation Box

Have you ever heard of donating crayons? I hadn't either until my mom gave me the heads up after seeing it at her local library. We do a lot of donating in our house. Clothes, shoes, toys, you name it. We have a cozy house (that's what our real estate agent called it, anyway. It was also referred to as a "diamond in the rough", but that's another story). Essentially, we try to purge as much as we can. As anyone who was a child, has a child or is generally around children, you might find yourself surrounded by broken crayons. They can be found in their native habitat, on the floor, while walking barefoot in the dark.

I used to collect these broken crayons and toss them in the garbage, but not anymore. A company called Crazy Crayons actually has a crayon recycling program.  They promote their program by informing consumers that their service has stopped 88,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills. Purging our crayons and employing some conservation measures? Sign me up. Here's how you do it:

1. Find crayons. It is preferred that the wrappers remain on the crayons to help identify blues, blacks and purples. However, they do accept crayons without wrappers.

2. Box up your crayons. No need to place them in bags or any other packing materials. Loose crayons in a sturdy box are preferred.

3. Ship your crayons. The box should be addressed to:

Crayon Recycling

16612 Minnetonka Blvd.

Minnetonka, MN 55345

This is also a fantastic program for schools. If you are an educator, this would make a terrific lesson for teaching kids about the importance of recycling. Kids can relate to the significance of crayons, which makes this an engaging and meaningful lesson whether you're at home or at school. So, next time you step on one of those crayons, get a box, pack them up and send them to Crazy Crayons!

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