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Grant Park Chicago; Election Night 2012. Place and history for Obama

Grant Park overview Election Night 2012
A very different feeling, a different kind of place than four years ago. Rainy, still, the party moved indoors… I took a walk around near Grant Park earlier tonight. Four years ago flooded with joyful citizens hailing a brand new hopeful day. Four tough years later, and after a brutal campaign the drizzly park felt... Read more »

Historic Chicago - Michigan Avenue

The Michigan Avenue Streetwall marker with Columbia College and the Spertus buildings.
I’m often on South Michigan Avenue, and on a recent morning as I walked to my office I noticed an historic landmarker posted on the street. It got me thinking, and took me down this path connecting Columbia College Chicago, the Spertus Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the International Harvester Corporation, the McCormick Reaper... Read more »