Patience, Virtue and the Chicago Skyline ... Is This Heaven?

Patience, Virtue and the Chicago Skyline ... Is This Heaven?
"Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road"

"Patience is a virtue"; one of the heavenly ones actually, together with kindness and diligence. ... Which it seems to me you need both of if you're really going to have patience.

Here's a story:

Last week a friend told me about the Buddha learning patience. He was meditating and had sat under a tree so long that a bird built a nest in his hair. One version of the story has him sitting patiently still for days, not moving until the birds hatched and flew away.

The way my friend told it though, is that he sat there, trying to be patient and still, but the busy little birds finally got the best of him and he lost it. He grabbed at the nest and scolded the birds. So then, he had to come back for another lifetime to get that lesson right.

Here's a story:

This morning I drove in to the city, enjoying the beautiful jagged-toothed skyline spreading before me - "the long, brown path before me, leading wherever I choose".

That's Whitman. And for the briefest moment that's how it felt. Transcendent.

I drive in on the Ike most days, and most days there's this split-second when space opens gloriously broad and lovely, like cresting a wave on a sailboat rising, grand - space before you, free. It takes me by surprise and I am grateful for it.

It's a glimpse of lifetimes to compassion and grace.

"Afoot and light-hearted."

I'll take my transcendence where-ever I can find it.

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