Historic Chicago - Michigan Avenue

I'm often on South Michigan Avenue, and on a recent morning as I walked to my office I noticed an historic landmarker posted on the street. It got me thinking, and took me down this path connecting Columbia College Chicago, the Spertus Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the International Harvester Corporation, the McCormick Reaper Company, Cyrus McCormick, the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wirt Dexter and Louis Sullivan, Krueck+Sexton and Dream Town.

Join me on this exploration of buildings and places -- and see how you can get from glittery historic Michigan Avenue to utilitarian farm implements in Wisconsin. That's how buildings are. They surround us and support us. We create them as places to pursue our ambitions and as embodiments of our dreams. We rest in them, and play and plan. We change them to fit our new uses and needs. They nurture our spirit, and they survive us as evidence of and contribution to our time on this planet and community.


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  • I have known Liz and admired both her photography and her mind for almost thirty years (when I first met her, she was still laboring on the IH pictures). As usual, in this series of images, she uses photography not only as a way of looking herself, but also to invite us to look--to really look--at the world.
    Congratulations, Liz--your recognition on this website is so richly deserved!

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