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Growing Up In Cabrini-Green

“I’m Jacky Robinson. I’m Somebody.”   You may or may not remember my October 2012 post about Jacky Robinson. Jacky was a homeless man I met one day while I was out walking in Lincoln Park. Large, friendly and soft-spoken, he was a fixture and people often stopped to chat with him. After several months,... Read more »

So Who Are The Homeless? A story untold...

As I was riding the bus home from work one night, I noticed this woman sitting across from me.  Two girls in their 20s were sitting a few seats away laughing, rolling their eyes and pointing.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand what makes people feel entitled to treat others in such a terrible manner.... Read more »

Another Night Of Neighboring The Neighborless

Another Night Of Neighboring The Neighborless
The last two weeks in December, I went downtown a few more times than usual. Some trips were planned, others were spontaneous. Twice, I brought my daughter with me – she’s heard about my volunteer work but, until now, has never had the opportunity to join me. One night, we’d been out to dinner at... Read more »

So Who Are The Homeless? This Is Abana

This is Abana.  He looks tough.  He sounds tough.  Actually, he is tough.  You’d probably give him a wide berth if you saw him coming your way on the sidewalk.  But here’s what you don’t know… He has to be tough after everything he’s been through.  Abana had a life, a family, a job, a... Read more »

So Who Are The Homeless? This is Hank.

As I was walking home one night, after making my trek downtown, I saw a man shuffling along Clark Street several steps ahead of me. He seemed to be fairly well bundled up but there was something in the stoop of his shoulders that made me wonder… I stepped up my pace and caught up... Read more »

So Who Are The Homeless? Please Meet Sheena

Sheena is an elderly woman I met on Thanksgiving night who had been kicked out of her senior living apartment a week earlier – everything she owned was bundled into plastic bags and attached to a rolling cart. She’d never been homeless before and she was so out of it that she wasn’t quite sure... Read more »

So Who Are The Homeless? I'd Like You To Meet Alex.

This is Alex. He’s just 18 years old, a recent high school graduate. The sign he’s holding says HOMELESS TEENSPLEASE HELPANYTHING HELPSThank you SO MUCH! Alex’s mom is married to an alcoholic. There was a showdown at home last August and his stepfather said, “either the kid goes or I go.” As it so often... Read more »

Home Again And Humbled

Home Again And Humbled
My name is Kelley and this is my story of how I try to make a difference by being a neighbor to the neighborless – the homeless people in our city. Yesterday was COLD.  And WET.  And, oh my gosh, was it WINDY.  And more than 6,000 people here in Chicago had nowhere to go... Read more »