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Growing Up In Cabrini-Green

“I’m Jacky Robinson. I’m Somebody.”   You may or may not remember my October 2012 post about Jacky Robinson. Jacky was a homeless man I met one day while I was out walking in Lincoln Park. Large, friendly and soft-spoken, he was a fixture and people often stopped to chat with him. After several months,... Read more »

Who Are The Homeless? Say Hello To Jacky.

Who Are The Homeless? Say Hello To Jacky.
If you’re ever in the east Lincoln Park neighborhood, you’ve probably seen Jacky. He’s a big guy and difficult to miss. But who is he? What’s his story? Every day, on my way to and from work, I pass by the Clark and Belden intersection.  There are many people who stand around asking for handouts... Read more »

Neighboring The Neighborless? Who Cares?

This is a homeless woman who was sleeping in an ATM kiosk on a bone-chilling winter night. Our culture is so incredibly hyper-focused on that which is easily seen… the perfect body, the latest fashions, having the coolest gadgetry. Even if we have none of these things, there are certain societal norms that we are... Read more »