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Fort Lauderdale DIDN'T ban feeding the homeless!

By now, I assume many of you are familiar with this guy: This is Arnold Abbott, a 90 year old homeless advocate in Fort Lauderdale. All around the country, media is splashing headlines: 90 YR OLD ARRESTED FOR FEEDING THE HOMELESS! Florida Activists Arrested For Serving Food To Homeless! …on and on and on the... Read more »

Letters To A New Mom: Sage Wisdom From A Long-Time Mama of Five

Mama of five? What-the-what? It’s true, my friends. I have five children, I’m a former private music teacher, professional story teller, and youth group director. I’m also a “parent and baby focused” business owner and a professional super nanny. I wear many hats. Most of them are related to parenting and children. So I guess... Read more »

The Invisible People - Would You Notice If One Of Your Relatives Was Homeless?

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When I first saw this video, I wanted to scream, “THIS!! THIS!! THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL PEOPLE FOR THE PAST FIVE YEARS!!” Have you seen it yet? It’s the brain child of New York City Rescue Mission (more information can be found at ) and it drives home the message... Read more »

Fear and Strength (How I Found Success After Losing Everything)

  Suffice it to say that November 2007 – November 2008 was not my year. I’m tenderhearted. I hate conflict. No, really. I H.A.T.E it. But in November, 2007, when my second husband left me, sold our car for cash and defaulted on our house payments, then left the country after “falling in love” with... Read more »

How To Make A Difference (Just One, One, One)

Neighboring The Neighborless. When I began this blog, I had visions of motivating large crowds of people (a la Tony Robbins) to take some sort of flash-mob-like action, bringing shoes and clothes and food to the down-and-out in Chicago. I mean, that’s how it works on the YouTube videos we see, right? Who wouldn’t want... Read more »

Angels in Lower Wacker and Everywhere Else

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Patrick Angelo, recently dubbed “The Angel of Lower Wacker Drive,” thanks to a great article/photo gallery in the Chicago Tribune that you can see here: Lower Wacker Drive Angel  Dr. Angelo is one of thousands of angels with huge hearts in this great city, Chicago, who make... Read more »

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

People often ask me about Neighboring The Neighborless. How did I start helping the homeless? It must take a ‘certain type of person,’ right? Why do I do it? Why, why, why do I do it year after year? Really, it all boils down to two things: the pay-it-forward principle and an absolute belief that... Read more »

True Love Through Acts of Kindness (Without Expectations!)

“Being kind without expectation is the truest kind of kindness.” ~ Zero Dean Right on, Zero Dean; right on. And that’s what Neighboring The Neighborless is all about – being kind to people because it’s a good thing to do, not for recognition. Look, I know my little outreach isn’t going to end homelessness. But... Read more »

Growing Up In Cabrini-Green

“I’m Jacky Robinson. I’m Somebody.”   You may or may not remember my October 2012 post about Jacky Robinson. Jacky was a homeless man I met one day while I was out walking in Lincoln Park. Large, friendly and soft-spoken, he was a fixture and people often stopped to chat with him. After several months,... Read more »

Thanksgiving With The Neighborless

Thanksgiving With The Neighborless
Thanksgiving Day (for me) tends to be unconventional.  While my loved ones gather together for a day of turkey, football games, and movies, I – as many of you know by now – hit the streets with bags full of toiletries, socks, fresh fruit, protein snacks and piping hot home made food to share. After... Read more »