Are You A Hotel Freebies Hoarder?

Are You A Hotel Freebies Hoarder?
Got an overflowing shelf/box/drawer that looks like this?

Okay, c'mon and 'fess up.  Who here takes those awesome, complementary toiletries from their hotel rooms, brings them home and then sticks them in a closet, fully intending to use them eventually?  If you're like most people, sooner or later, you have an entire shelf (or more) of sample-sized products that sit there for six months to a year (or longer), doing nothing more than taking up space in your closet. You hate to throw them away but, in the back of your mind, you know you're really not going to use them.

What to do, what to do?  Here's an idea: donate them to the homeless.

If you've ever read my blog, you know that I have an outreach known as The Pink Bag Project; our goal is to help the homeless who don't make it into shelters at night survive the cold and wet season. I cannot tell you how grateful I am when people donate those little, unused bottles of shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc.!

We're currently gearing up for the 2012-2013 Chicago winter by assembling care packages for the homeless. If you'd like to get rid of your unused travel-sized toiletries and clear some space in your linen closet, contact me at and let's arrange a time for a drop off or pick up!

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    I have shoes and socks. Gently used shoes, new socks.

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