No Matter The Weather...

Today is another one of those days... windy... bitterly cold... snow
flurries... and last night there was a thunder storm.  If you've been
following me for any length of time, you already know that I have a
"more than" full-time job, working (at minimum) 50 hours each week.  I
mention this for a very specific reason:  I worked last night and, afterward, as I
was running - at midnight - from point A to point B, I
stepped into a large, splashy puddle.  In the bone chilling night air. 
It. Was. Awful.  My socks were immediately drenched.  And it instantly
made me think of all of the homeless people on the streets who aren't
lucky enough to go someplace warm to change clothes and curl up under
warm covers after a hot bath at night.

So guess where
I'm going today.  That's right - the pink bag is packed with socks,
socks and more clean, dry socks to distribute.  

 Oh!  And
today, I'll be bringing something else (I'm VERY excited about this): 
HOME MADE CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP!  A very kind person gifted a large,
sturdy thermos to the project.  I'm so excited to be able to offer this
to the people I'll visit on the streets today!  I'll post an update to
this entry when I get home tonight.


Until then...

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