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Taxes, Taxes, Taxes. . .

*** When former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger raised county taxes a penny on the dollar to help balance his budget, he was portrayed as a political monster in the press. He received front-page stories and made headline news. His election opponent and now Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle ran on the promise... Read more »

GEANCO FOUNDATION: $60,000 Closer To A Dream Come True!

Syesha Mercado performs at the Health and Hope for Africa concert gala at the Museum of Science and Industry on December 3, 2011
                   H E A L T H  &   H O P E A selfless act of fundraising, building, and providing support to those who may never experience the material enhances and privileges that some of us may have the opportunities to possess, truly goes a long way. The greatest risk people can ever take is... Read more »

Stella Foster Receives Life Time Achievement Award from Chicago Journalists Association

Pretty ladies.
Stella Foster  was just celebrated by Chicago Journalists with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  Chicago’s entire media community turned out for her, in a  beautiful and befitting tribute last Friday (October  14)  evening at the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. Stella grew up in Englewood and went to Chicago Public Schools.  Upon the recommendation of her... Read more »