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An Evening with Barry Gordy at History Makers

It was a historic evening with Barry Gordy at The Art Institute for the History Makers affair, Saturday, November 17.  Barry Gordy, the musical icon was on stage being interviewed about his  luxurious career by award winning journalist Gwen Ifill. Gordy the creator of Motown revealed that he was the accomplished song writer in adddition... Read more »

Is it time for third party negotiators?

  The city with big shoulders is not working and the world is watching.   The teacher’s strike continues to at least Wednesday.  The members need to vote. The children need to go back to school.  The parents need to go back to work. So,  is it time for third party mediators or arbitrators to... Read more »

Reverend Jesse Jackson at 70

Rev. Jackson and Rev Sharpton.
Rev. Jesse Jackson celebrates his 70th birthday this Saturday, October 8.  He will be 70 years old.  Bravo. Most civil rights leaders don’t live this long.  He has been on the forefront of social issues, and democratic politics since he was a student trying to check out books at the segregated library for an academic paper.... Read more »

Finishing The Dream Films at DuSable Museum Today

Today at the DuSable Museum at 7 p.m. history will be remembered. In this very special time of history, labeled from post racial to The Barack era, it is important to know and remember how we arrived.  Modern day history for Black America will be book marked by Dr. King and President Obama.  Their names... Read more »