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He Won

  President Barrack Obama won.  He ran a brilliant campaign.  He made history again, part II, by winning.    The night was predicted as long.  The democratic victory was declared by 11 p.m.   It wasn’t so long.    There was a roar in McCormick Place.    2012 however, was very different than 2008.  The romance was  over, the... Read more »

Election Eve. I predict President Obama wins again.

It is voting eve.  Tomorrow , Tuesday, November 6 , is Election Day in America.  I have been contacted today by the British Broadcast Radio to comment on tomorrow’s  election night. Then I was contacted by Danish Radio for the same.   Chicago is receiving international attention on  an important election.  The direction of the... Read more »

The 2012 Vote

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20radio%20commentaries%20/ The presidential election vote in November of 2012 will be an important one.  Every election presumes the same, but this will be a  defining moment in American history.  This will probably be the country’s most expensive campaign and the nastiest one.  Mud will sling.  Dirty pool will be played.  I predict it will be... Read more »