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Eastwood's Lane

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20radio%20commentaries%20/Eastwood%E2%80%99s%20Lane.doc I am a Clint Eastwood fan.  I loved his spaghetti cowboy movies and I think he is a wonderful movie producer.  There are lessons to be learned from the Eastwood episode at the Republican National Convention that became the topic of national conversation. Sometimes popularity and the bright lights are overpowering.  Because you are... Read more »

Death on the Streets Prompts a Life on the Roof

Check out the New York Times/Chicago Cooperative report on ProjectHood … http://www.chicagonewscoop.org/death-on-the-streets-prompts-a-vigil-on-the-roof/

Toni Morrison Interview

Toni Morrison received the Carl Sandburg Award, last evening, from The Chicago Public Library.It was a magnificent evening at The University of Illinois Forum.  Oprah Winfrey interviewed Ms. Morrison on stage after she was awarded. Ms. Morrison is so rich.  Her presence and her words make you stop and listen.  She talked about writing and... Read more »

Is Oprah Appreciated in Chicago?

In a  recent TV interview with Stedman Graham, he commented on Fox News that Oprah was not appreciated in Chicago. That may be for some, but it does not speak for all.  Oprah is an icon and she will always be associated with Chicago. Her greatness was built here.  She made Chicago world class by... Read more »