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The NDIGO GALA 2015 Featuring Dianne Reeves and Gregory Porter

  click here for tickets By Hermene D. Hartman Seven years after N’DIGO began in 1989, we constantly received calls from graduating high school students seeking financial assistance for their educational pursuits. Before I started N’DIGO, I was a college professor and administrator at the City Colleges of Chicago with responsibilities in recruitment, so the... Read more »

Chicago's Emergency with a 12 Point Plan

Reverend Jeanette Wilson, an executive at Rainbow PUSH Coalition declared Chicago as a state of emergency due to the murder rate in Chicago.    Rev. Jesse Jackson led a group of marchers to the south side park where model student 15 year old Hadiya Pendleton was shot down as she stood under a canopy to shun... Read more »

Trotter's Gun

  Is the Second Congressional District in the State of Illinois cursed?    Those considering the post should think twice.    The past three Congressmen have all faced shameful exits.  Because of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Mr.’s resignation a special election is necessary for the citizens of the South Side and the South Suburbs. And again controversy looms... Read more »

Look who's coming to Breakfast!

Death on the Streets Prompts a Life on the Roof

Check out the New York Times/Chicago Cooperative report on ProjectHood …

OCCUPY KING DRIVE Part 6/Day 11 "Committed to Change"

In the words of Dr. Cornel West - “None of us alone can save a nation or a world, but each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.” It is Day 11, and I am still living on the rooftop of an abandoned motel right across the street from my church. ... Read more »

Marilyn on Michigan Avenue

Sometimes some one comes along and captures the imagination of the public and its endures.  Some personalities just have that magic. So it is the case the late blond actress Marilyn Monroe. She had the magic and perhaps she was the ultimate male dream woman.    She was blond, sexy, giddy, soft sexy voice and... Read more »

Chicago Flip's

Today, Mayor Richard M. Daley , turned Chicago on its ears, as he announced he will not run for reelection.  The city won’t be the same.  He has been a good mayor and as a good champion he knows when the time has come to step aside.   The polls show Daley’s popularity at an... Read more »

Where Is Black America?

In 2010, where is Black America?  Are we better off?  It’s the best of times and the worse of times, a double tale of one people. American politics has fooled Black America.  Historically Black America has been in a constant state of proof of worthiness of American citizenry fromt he days of slavery, that peculiar... Read more »

Is Chicago Ready for the National Gurad?

The murder of the young officer,Thomas Wortham IV, is shameful and painful.  He toured war in IRAQ not once but twice and came home to be murdered in front of his parents Chatham home.  This is a heart wrenching story.  If  Wortham was not safe showing his new motorcycle to his parents, no one is... Read more »